Posted by: Chris | April 19, 2012

A Vice Precedent

Now that Mitt Romney has accomplished the impossible and effectively won his party’s nomination, the media has begun to speculate on his potential vice presidential choices, of whom, the plurality appear to be governors, which, though it may not seem so, is actually somewhat odd.

Though governors are abundant amongst Presidential nominees (2008 was the first election since 1976 where neither candidate was a sitting or former governor), they are surprisingly poorly-represented amongst the nominees for veep, both in quanity and quality.  For instance, the last Republican governor nominated for vice president prior to Sarah Palin was Maryland Governor Spiro Agnew in 1968.  Before that, nominated Earl Warren in 1948.  Not exactly the most auspicious group of candidates.

For their part, the Democrats haven’t nominated a governor for veep since 1924.  Interestingly, assuming JB gets renominated, the we are currently in the midst of an unbroken chain of federal legislators as vice presidential nominees for the Deomcrats that stretches back to 1940 and Henry Wallace, whose only prior political position was as Secretary of Agriculture.

And now you know.


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