Posted by: captainfalcon | December 22, 2011

George Will Catches Up

Here is his mortification at Gingrich’s attack on judicial supremacy:

Gingrich’s unsurprising descent into sinister radicalism — intimidation of courts — is redundant evidence that he is not merely the least conservative candidate, he is thoroughly anti-conservative. He disdains the central conservative virtue, prudence, and exemplifies progressivism’s defining attribute — impatience with impediments to the political branches’ wielding of untrammeled power. He exalts the will of the majority of the moment, at least as he, tribune of the vox populi, interprets it.

Will reads like he desperately wants his column to reach out and punch Newt in his actual face. It’s a longing that makes for overwrought prose (“sinister radicalism;” “untrammeled power”), but he’s right that Newt’s jurisprudence isn’t conservative.  As always, you read it here first.



  1. I don’t know if you read the Will column I linked to in the original post (or seen any of his appearances on TV), but Gingrich bashing thoroughly invigorates George Will.

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