Posted by: maroonmaurader | November 10, 2011

Another unwise Skyrim list

Gamingbolt has posted this list of “5 reasons not to buy Skyrim”.

To briefly summarize… 1. No major updates from Oblivion [except for a new setting, engine, character leveling system, game mechanics, and AI]. 2. Lack of PS3 and PC support [for immediate release of DLC; PC players will have to wait a bit longer than 360 players]. 3. An overpriced special edition [is a reason to not buy the game at all]. 4. No multiplayer [the same objection raised to basically every Bethesda game in the past decade]. 5. Other titles [Assassin’s Creed, Mario, Zelda, Modern Warfare].

What I’m really getting from this list – and from the various reviews I’ve seen of Skyrim – is this. Don’t buy Skyrim if you don’t like the Elder Scrolls style of gameplay. It’s really that simple. The reviews of Skyrim mostly show it as a game which improves on some of Oblivions’ worst flaws (and reaches new heights in terms of mapping and content for exploration), but keeps many of the same design choices that caused some people to dislike TES series.



  1. That list was pretty awful.

    FWIW, Skyrim seems to be getting quite stellar reviews:

    Eurogamer, who I trust most for honest reviews these days, gives it a 10/10 and glowing praise:

    I think I am going to save it for my (meager?) winter break. Better to ensure that I will have long stretches of nothing to do.

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