Posted by: Chris | July 16, 2011

Late Night Infomercial

Since we are currently giving qualified recommendations to niche British shows, I came across this one (Party Animals) on Hulu recently and can attest to its quality.  The show is a quasi-political drama that, for the most part, follows the staff of a minor member of the Labour front bench and that of her opposite from the Conservatives, as well as a sheisty journalist and a lobbyist with a heart of gold for good measure.  The show is one of those where people with varying levels of moral decrepitude fuck over (or simply fuck) each other and everyone just sort of muddles through in the end.  It’s well-scripted and subdued enough to avoid many of the predictable or outlandish pitfalls many of these types of shows (like Damages) get stuck in.  All the principle characters are appreciably flawed and serviceably acted, though it is not terribly difficult to figure out where the show’s creators sympathies lie.  It also helps if you put yourself in the mindset of 2007 Britian (so Tony Blair is finishing out his last days as PM, Chancellor Gordon Brown is waiting, and David Cameron’s “new Tories” are freshly ascendant). 

Basically, it’s hardly the Wire, but the show is pretty good as far as political dramas go and gives a good sense of what government scrub jobs are like.  Plus, it’s only 8 45-min episodes long (so you can watch it all in a couple days) and it stars the new Dr. Who.



  1. I’d like to add my warble to Chris’s mezzo-piano. Watched a bit of this. As Chris says, serviceable. Serviceable acting, serviceable character dynamics, serviceable plot. Not a bad show.

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