Posted by: captainfalcon | June 27, 2011

The Corner trolls itself

It’s a bit of a trolley wreck over there. Michael Potemra gets adorably misty-eyed over how unlike North Korea Greenwich Village is, even during Gay Pride weekend. K-Lo warns that Potemra’s complacency may be premature, despite there being no evidence that the the Fabulous Leader has ever so much as set eyes on the Sisters of PI. Finally, Jason Lee Steorts (who the fuck is that?) wonders whether Potemra might not be right after all, prompting K-Lo to rather Orwellianly* [the way a Hermit Kingdom might] quote someone else recurring to first principles.

When the Athenians voted to execute Socrates, was he or was he not the victim of tyranny?  Can tyranny take any form other than dictatorship?  Are the fears of our founding fathers mere fantasy, or is care for legal protection against the tyranny of the majority an actual real-world concern?  Is the vote of a democratically elected body necessarily not tyranny?  To dismiss the N. Korea analogy as beyond the pale is to deny the rational[ity] of the founding fathers, to deny any appeals to right and wrong that extend beyond positive law.

At least there’s somebody out there attacking this problem with a scalpel!

* She acknowledges making a “first mistake,” implying that she has made more than one mistake. But instead of apologizing, she doubles down thereby, doublethink style, denying that there were any mistakes at all. Maybe that’s her second mistake so the post was a prediction of itself? Maybe it is, not Orwellian, but retarded? Maybe by Orwellian I mean, rather Orwellianly, retarded. Not entirely clear.

Update: Hmm. Andrew has been all over this. This has been a day of obsolescence. But, as one of the more cutting edge memes would have it, can’t cry over spilt milk. Back to reading articles from the ’70s.



  1. […] I hope to make a more substantive contribution on the subject (or at least some of the law’s aftermath).  However, I thought it quasi-timely to float another potential argument in favor of gay […]

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