Posted by: captainfalcon | June 16, 2011

In which I write a letter

It’s got a few too many pieties in it, but what the hell. If any New Yorkers find themselves hereabouts, send something similar to these pressurized statesmen.

I write to urge you to vote in favor of marriage equality. I am a lifelong New Yorker, straight, and a political moderate. I am contacting you about this issue because I believe the point of state recognition of marriage supports extending that recognition to gay marriage.

New York recognizes marriage not merely or necessarily to promote procreation – the impotent, too, can marry – but also to ensure family stability; to confer dignity on couples who assume the responsibility of a lifelong, intimate relationship; and to help those who devote themselves completely to each other live out their commitment (in sickness and in health).

These goals support marriage equality. Like straight couples, gay couples are capable of being a family together (I have seen it). Like straight couples, they can care for each other completely and supportively (I have seen that, too).

These are the kinds of commitments we want in our society. They are the kinds of commitments New York already seeks to encourage. They are commitments deserving of our recognition and support.

I hope you will lend yours.


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