Posted by: maroonmaurader | May 9, 2011

Radio Surfing

Channel-surfing while driving through Portland, I happened to run into KBOO FM (wikipedia link). My interest was initially caught by the hyper-excited radio DJ expounding on the importance of their membership/fundraising drive. On hearing that they offered a complimentary Noam Chomsky CD to anyone who met their minimum donation of $60, I was convinced to listen further.

The initial show was apparently seeking to raise at least $100, with the aforementioned $60 minimum pledge. The airtime was roughly even split between appeals for donations and a recording of a speech urging Stanford to divest from companies which supported Israel’s occupation of Gaza (I believe it was probably by someone from Campaign Restore Hope).

Later on I managed to tune in to their “Afrotainment” program, which featured primarily rhythym-heavy recordings and rap songs. The DJ cut off abruptly in the middle of one song to announce that he had received a song request, which he was going to play… then cut the requested song off abruptly in the middle to talk at length about their membership drive. I also found out that they have partnered with the world’s first eco-brewery – a brewery which makes beer using all-organic ingredients in an environmentally sustainable facility. It was somewhere in here that I found out that the reason they were harping so heavily on the fund-raising was because they refuse to accept any corporate payments – which means they will not run any advertisements.

I later caught Persian Hour. Initially I thought I had caught the wrong station when I tuned in, because Persian hour consisted of the DJ speaking primarily in Spanish and playing a style of music which I had never heard before which I presume was Persian.

The crowning jewel to it though was when later I checked in to find them in hour five of their radio special, playing the complete Moon over Morocco radio drama with interspersed reminders of their membership drive.

I subsequently tuned to 1190 AM and caught Coast to Coast AM (wiki link), where the proposals that the sun was a sentient being punishing Earth by directing magnetic flares to cause earthquakes and tornadoes and that we should wear harmonically adjusted pendants to protect against cancer provided a nice return to normality.



  1. I wonder if Chomsky’s CD is him speaking deep grammar or socialism. A false dichotomy? Mind-blown. And if that weren’t enough:—additional-views.html. How was B^2’s graduation?


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