Posted by: Chris | April 25, 2011

Bomb Libya; Save Greenland

One wonders if, like the Powerlineblog, President Obama and his advisorial Amazonian troika* have become Oriented towards especially snotty op-eds that appear in the nation’s oldest continually published college weeklyOne such article dating from 2007, no doubt originally titled “Greening the Green Zone,” seems especially prescient in the era of war-fuelled $4/gallon gas:

Despite the high cost of gas, some, including former Vice President Al Gore, argue for further increases in prices by way of a carbon tax, to give Americans an even stronger incentive to reduce fossil fuel emissions. However, as Bismarck pointed out, politics is the art of the possible, and Americans simply do not share Gore’s appetite for government largess.

Polls indicate the public is unwilling to raise taxes and unhappy with the current cost of oil; a carbon tax is political suicide. War is simply the more viable alternative…

The next administration should take note: instead of destroying your presidency on the shoals of a failed carbon tax, it is easier just to go to war. Iran and Venezuela, both OPEC members, have given us plenty of casus belli to warrant an invasion, and occupying either (or both, if one can hope) would send gas prices spiraling upward once again. Trading blood for oil may not work, but trading blood for glaciers certainly does.

Though they did not pick from the recommended states and apparently neglected the whole casus belli part (snark, snark), polar bears (and Polar Bears) everywhere can breathe a little easier knowing that the Administration is fighting in Tobruk to save them in Nuuk.

*A quick Binging of this term suggests that these distaff triads blossom tridecennially, like cicaidids, to egg Democratic administrations into bombing the Eastern Med., each time spearheaded by the Mesopotamian Queen herself.


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