Posted by: Chris | April 12, 2011

This Post is Not Intended to be a Factual Statement


In response to this absurdity, Steven Colbert has been on an almost 24-hour hot streak.  By my count, it is also roughly the second good thing to ever emerge from Twitter. 

They are all worthwhile, but my personal favorites are:

Once a year, Jon Kyl retreats to the Arizona Desert and deposits 2 million egg sacs under the sand.

For the past ten years, Jon Kyl has been two children in a very convincing Jon Kyl suit.



  1. Colbert has every right to rip on this guy forever, and it fills my heart with joy that he is. I can’t believe Kyl (his PR team, whatever) thought his response was going to improve his image in the eyes of the public. I hope he learns a valuable lesson that most people learn when they’re kids: keep your mouth shut, or be prepared to be ridiculed.

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