Posted by: Chris | March 9, 2011

Party in My Tummy

How unsettling:



  1. The arms going every which way are the most disturbing part I think. Or maybe the anthropomorphic food. May I ask how you found this?

  2. My random perusings of the Internet included a link to the video…

    It is apparently from a popular children’s show airing currently in the US (note: not Japan).

    One can get really sadly in-depth trying to make sense of the video after double-digit viewings. For example, yummy-tummy monster eats (talking) chicken with the bone and carrots with the leaves but proceeds to drink the juice sans the cup. How inconsistent of him. Also, outside, we see the cup is alive, but in the party-tummy, the juice is also anthropomorphic. Was singing cup holding juice hostage? Are they somehow some sort of conjoined entity? Perhaps these will be resolved during my next rewatch…

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