Posted by: captainfalcon | March 5, 2011

Barely a Blog Post

Not entirely sure how I wound up on its homepage, but the University of Nevada at Reno’s master’s program in philosophy has an interesting take on the soft sell: “Though our program is not large, some of our students have been quite successful.” Strangely, the next sentence is not: “Surprisingly so, really, we have no idea what went right.” (Instead follow three exemplars of success, one of whom teaches “in Pennsylvania.”)



  1. Perhaps I missed it, but this bit has been excised from the website.

  2. Which bit? The bit prefaced “Strangely, the next sentence is not” or the interesting take on a soft sell? The “bit that is not” was probably never on the website to begin with, so I wouldn’t worry about it. The other bit is still there.

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