Posted by: captainfalcon | March 4, 2011

Doubleplus Peucinian Society

This is worth rubbernecking for a moment. Can’t imagine it’s ever a personal best to be dismissed as trivial in the Fashion and Style Section of the New York Times. On the other hand, you’d hope for the sake of the “discipline” that somebody who’d majored in marketing would know better than to call something like this the “Native Society.” I guess he’s serious about being a know nothing.



  1. That was pretty appalling. How are any of these people the titles they claim at 22 or 23? Art dealer? Fashion designer? I also liked the aptly named Alex Winner’s gallingly blinkered comments.

    This bit, intended as a jab at the Nativists, works even better as a summation of the titular group:

    “faux-literary society that aspires to bolster social cachet through exclusivity but only serves as a safety net for the awkward in need of constant validation”


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