Posted by: captainfalcon | February 13, 2011

Good Quote

From Brian Leiter, a spot of Nietzschean pith:

[T]he reasons and purposes for habits are always lies that are added only after some people begin to attack these habits and to ask for reasons and purposes.  At this point the conservatives of all ages are thoroughly dishonest:  they add lies.  (The Gay Science, sec. 29)

I guess that’s why the most honest (and, for those who find honesty persuasive, persuasive) conservatives tend to be against rationalism in politics, and for habits in general, as opposed to particular habits.

For a flattering, and accurate, picture of Michael Oakeshott’s place in the political pantheon – from an anarcho-marxist, no less – see here.



  1. […] clockwork’” (110), which makes Oakshotte’s essay on Rationalism in politics linked to by CF a great companion […]

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