Posted by: maroonmaurader | January 20, 2011


Dungeon Keeper 2 was the last, greatest production of Bullfrog Studios. But in a black day which shall live in infamy forever, EA decided to close down development on Dungeon Keeper 3 so as to divert resources to their Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone game.*

Then in 2008 the IP rights were sold to a Chinese company to create a China-region-only MMO based on it (Dungeon Keeper Online, still in development… I think). Which seemed like the final death-knell for a Dungeon Keeper 3.

However, through a blatant (and welcome) copying and updating of DK’s concept, art, and many game mechanics, Kalypso media has developed and is soon to release DUNGEONS. I’m not sure why it is legal, but I’m glad it is.

Of course, this is no longer Bullfrog Studios producing this game, and historically new developers have had a tough time capturing the same thrill as the original hits (see also: almost anything by Obsidian Entertainment)… but DUNGEON is an unexpected spark of hope.

*Ok, to be fair, it wasn’t just for that. It was also to help their Lord of the Rings game. And they acted surprised when they started being called the Evil Empire…



  1. I played Dungeon Keeper 1 a bit (the demo) a long time ago. It was a lot of fun. I spent more time playing Theme Hospital, another Bullfrog game. You’re right that a lot of what makes those games fun is the quirky humor of the developers (in Theme Hospital, you had to treat patients whose heads were all swelled up. The remedy? A pin prick that popped their head. Quite amusing)

    The Dungeon trailer was quite amusing. I love how cheesy the video is .. “Lure them into evil… Lure them into dungeons!”

    Definitely looks fun. If you buy it, let me know how it is

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