Posted by: Chris | January 19, 2011

Team Ninja’s Second Date with Samus

Apparently unsated by what seemed like just a one-night stand in Other M‘s disappointing morass (and more-ass), Team Ninja has lined up another night on the town with the Metroid series, this time more on their terms.  The developer revealed today an incredibly generic Ridley-themed arena for their upcoming Dead or Alive 3DS game and even teased the appearance of Samus as a playable character.  The problem with this is not so much appearing in a fighting game per se, but specifically this series, which is pretty awful even as far as 3d fighting games go, not to mention has a unenviable track record when it comes to its treatment of female characters.  One hopes the cameo’s necessarily circumscribed nature will keep things classy and brief, but their first outing does not leave too much room for optimism.


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