Posted by: i82much | January 6, 2011

NYTimes “The 4-Hour Body” book review

This is how high I can count

“The 4-Hour Body” reads as if The New England Journal of Medicine had been hijacked by the editors of the SkyMall catalog. Some of this junk might actually work, but you’re going to be embarrassed doing it or admitting to your friends that you’re trying it. This is a man who, after all, weighs his own feces, likes bloodletting as a life-extension strategy and aims a Philips goLite at his body in place of ingesting caffeine.

Very entertaining, savage takedown of a new book on the NYTimes Book Review.  I had seen his previous book, the 4 Hour Workweek in the bookstore, but had no idea the guy was such a hack.



  1. Did you see that he tripled his semen count using gonadotropin? That makes sense, semantically.

    • Chris the Pedant says:

      Semen volume (not count, which would be silly) is tripled. This is an important distinction because the article does not detail Ferriss’s gonadotropin regimen effects on sperm count, which means he is likely flooding affected vaginas in proteinous goop (deluging to afford de-lubing, perhaps?) without enhancing his fertility.

      Also, when did the Lure become an Amazon affiliate?

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