Posted by: Chris | January 4, 2011

College Essays on Youtube

According to the Washington Post, more and more colleges are allowing students to make Youtube videos in addition to or even in leiu of a traditional written essay.  Lure-HQ neighbor George Mason is leading the charge (at least for area schools) allowing Youtube videos instead of an essay if the student so desires.  I guess the benefit is its much harder to cut and paste things around to tailor a video to a specific school, so you know the student is genuinely interested and devoted to getting in.  But these “video essays” defeat what I thought was the original purpose of the college essay: to examine the student’s writing abilities and thought process given a common prompt.  Not to mention the ones they show off are quite terrible (not that most college essays are not much better: I know mine were pretty abysmal).   The video embedded in the article (a favorite from last year) is fairly embarrassingly bad and uses Sunny‘s background music to boot.


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