Posted by: captainfalcon | January 1, 2011

Foggy where I am

So there’s something of interest in the obvious. The New York Times has a decent article – fuel for Andrew’s “meeps,” and bait (albeit not in its most enticing form) for Chris – on fractures developing within the Republican Party over immigration reform. The suggestion is that, as True Believers have attained significant blocs in state legislatures, the issue has gone from being an element in the political calculus – one that is manipulated to maximize votes – to a Cause. The legislative result is anti-immigration initiatives that are injurious to businesses and interfere (or can be characterized as interfering with) citizens’ property rights. The electoral result, if the Times’s narrative is to be believed – is thus:

[T]he proposals have already drawn opposition from some business groups. And they are forcing strategic soul-searching within the Republican Party nationwide, with a rising populist base on one side demanding tough immigration measures, and, on the other side, traditional Republican supporters in business and a fast-growing Latino electorate strongly opposing those measures.

In Utah, a state dominated by Republicans, leaders from business, law enforcement, several churches and the Latino community sought to bridge the divide by joining together in November in a compact urging moderation on immigration issues.

As I said, all pretty obvious, but confirmation that it is going down.


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