Posted by: Chris | December 17, 2010

The Customer is Always Right-Wing

Similar to our previous bit on Sarah PalinDavid Frum and Johnathan Cohn both penetrate to the essence of her fellow “frontrunner,” Mitt Romney, both through positive, though a tad tongue-in-cheek profiles.  From Frum’s:

I sometimes imagine that Romney approaches politics in the same spirit that the CEO of Darden Restaurants approaches cuisine. Darden owns Olive Garden, Longhorn steakhouses, and Red Lobster among other chains. Now suppose that Darden’s data show a decline in demand for mid-priced steak restaurants and a rising response to Italian family dining. Suppose they convert some of their Longhorn outlets to Olive Gardens. Is that “flip-flopping”? Or is that giving people what they want for their money?

Likewise, the “pro-choice” concept met public demand so long as Romney Inc. was a Boston-based senatorship and governorship-seeking enterprise. But now Romney Inc. is expanding to a national brand, with important new growth opportunities in Iowa and South Carolina. A new concept is accordingly required to serve these new markets. Again: this is not flip-flopping. It is customer service

Fortunately, neither Mr. Manager nor Mama Grizzly is really likely to be the nominee, so these are more just academic excersizes in psychoanalyzing the quasi-famous than charting the future of the presidency.


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