Posted by: Chris | December 2, 2010

The Lure’s Readership: A Glimpse

I am perpetually fascinated by how people wind their way to our back alley on the interwebs, especially those that wind up here by search engines.  WordPress lets us see what people who find us were looking for, which turns up strangely revealing results.  These were culled from just the past couple days and they are quite representative of the genre as a whole (the thumbnail quality here is awful, just click and read):

I fear that some of these folks left here disappointed.  I am not quite sure what we can do to make the Lure more accommodating to the revealed preferences of our viewership, aside from pointing out where one can find Chris Armstrong on Fable 3’s map.*  More meta posts maybe?  It works for this guy.

*Bowerstone Market, disrespecting law enforcement/orgying



  1. i always get here by googling bigboobs bigtits. guess my secret’s out. Chris, want to watch world cup soccer in Qatar in 2022?

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