Posted by: i82much | November 5, 2010

NYT gives glowing review to Kinect

But over all the Kinect experience is so captivating that I found myself looking at my other electronics with scorn. I don’t want to have to remember channel numbers. Why can’t I just say, “DirecTV, CNN” or “DirecTV, Fox,” and have that work? Why can’t I just say, “Stereo, radio,” or “Stereo, iPod”?

I suspect that one day you will. But with Kinect on Xbox 360, one day is now.


Full review
Unfortunately for people who care about videogames, the reviewer spent just about as much time talking about the voice activated TV controls than anything to do with games.  I thought Kinect was going to be a huge flop but given that Microsoft has apparently advertised it pretty well, I am probably wrong.  I still don’t see the need for it, but I’d like to try it out in any case.



  1. I’m taking a “once burned, twice shy” approach towards it, because my attitude toward the Kinect fairly closely mirrors what my feelings towards the Wii were shortly before launch. It looks unfun to play and difficult to develop games for, but the exact same appeared true about the Wii.

  2. I stand by the Lure’s initial impressions. The Kinect will be awful, but people will buy it nonetheless.

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