Posted by: i82much | November 4, 2010

“At IGN we eschew them”

This particular morning we have an editorial meeting. At IGN we eschew them.  … Ivan, Tal, Chris (Carle), Aaron and myself met to discuss whether we’d be interested in working with a company as part of a freelance project, where we had to act out parts, let cream pies fall in our laps and talk about how hemorrhoids made us a little edgy. Cream pies? Hemorrhoids??! WTF?!!


There’s a pretty painfully written piece of ‘journalism‘ that @robertashley dug up from 2004.  Parts of it are so bad as to make me think that it’s written tongue in cheek, but I’m not sure.  Worth a head shake at least.





  1. Eh. It certainly had its fair share of Palinesque failed overwriting, but not exactly living up to the title of “worst games journalism” as it a) does not engage in journalism and b) does contain interesting bits. I have seen far worse actual journalism, and from IGN no less.

    For one example off the top of my head, though not quite journalism (more like commentary), search for Michael Thomsen’s regular column. Its painful.

  2. […] Zelda series should borrow from Bethesda’s open world oeuvre.  Unsurprisingly, given the source, it is quite bad; recommend either adopting certain facets where ES games falter (like […]

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