Posted by: Chris | October 28, 2010

Li Hongmei and Me

FPBlog linked to the archives of one Li Hongmei, the People’s Daily op-ed columnist, hyping her as a semi-literate crazy person and her screeds as “computer-generated parodies of a Chinese hard-liner.”  I was hoping for another niche find for us to muck about in, but unfortunately Hongmei seems imminently reasonable (though perhaps in need of some English lessons).  She does have a bit of a socialist* streak, but FP seems not to object to those bits.  Am I truly in desperate need of a sanity restoration, or is the bar for Coulteresque self-parody now set at pidgin English realism?

*Post-colonial Sino-Kenyan Marxist?



  1. I do like that FP’s one commenter thought it necessary to defend Coulter in this comparison.

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