Posted by: maroonmaurader | September 28, 2010

Look, someone talking about video games!

Specifically, video game maps. It turned out to be a surprisingly interesting aspect of games to focus on reviewing. I agree with most of his assessments except for Mass Effect (the one that claims “the map levels are typically wide, open and organic”). While it is a step up from Daggerfall (which also gets a shout-out), the map levels are typically mostly empty and boring, with scattered pre-fab buildings and creatures spread over them, often in a way which seems designed to make you spend the maximum time driving to and fro.

Other game maps discussed: Assassin’s Creed, EVE Online, Starcraft, GTA 3, Super Metroid, WoW, Pokemon, Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple, Doom, FF8, Civilization (Civ IV primarily), Superman 64, and Fallout 3.

Not really much else to say, except that the article is interesting in it’s own right, and also links to entertaining other sites, youtube clips, images, and whatnot. When I first came up with this post, I figured I’d let it sit for a few hours to see if anything occurred to me to add. Half a month later, nothing else has.


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