Posted by: Chris | September 24, 2010

Who Will Watch the Watchmen Watching Chris Armstrong Watch?

I hate to repost things, but the latest update over at my newest favorite blog, is truly great.  Andrew Shirvell is returning fire against the local news segment linked to earlier, claiming that the WXYZ (yes, this is the real station number) reporter behind the segment, Ross Jones, is part of a wider fraternal conspiracy against him. 

Apparently, Jones’ older brother Adam has some longstanding personal animus with Shirvell and his current boss, Attorney General Mike Cox (again, real name), the details of which remain vague, though Shirvell’s bitterness is palpable.  This 5-year-long grudge led him to discover Chris Armstrong Watch and forward it along to his hermano Ross at WXYZ, where it became fodder for the 11 o’clock hit-piece.  Even more disturbingly, the Jones clan has positioned younger brother Tyler  (it seems Mrs. Jones’ womb is as fertile as it is Christ-hating) over at the UMich college paper Michigan Daily, a post he has used to clandestinely fan the anti-anti-Armstrong flames through fellow reporter proxies, as well as hype his own brother’s news report. 

Completely surrounded by vengeful family members pulling the strings in the local media, how can Shirvell or anyone else possibly hope to keep up with the Jones’?  The only way out, as CAW compels WXYZ to do, is to “investigate the ‘investigator.'” Or, in this case, terroristcoddler.



  1. “Adam, pictured to the right with his thumbs up thoroughly enjoying a recent ride on an elephant with a “friend”…”

  2. Yep, I think I woke up Nickitty when I read that one last night.

  3. You APPROVE of Andrew Shirvell’s obsession with a young gay? I don’t know your story, but man, that Andrew strikes me as a cretin, that spends all his time obsessing over a gay guy at his alma mater and I disapprove of his cyberbullying. I’d distance myself from him, as the metaphorical shit is about to hit the fan; I believe federal authorities are monitoring this situation.

    • I think bemused derision differs slightly (or a lot) from approval.

  4. […] He is definitionally pathetic and illegitimate, and the only proper response is to laugh in his face.  Instead, our culture of perpetual outrage has decided to treat Shirvell’s paranoid output […]

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