Posted by: captainfalcon | September 23, 2010

Our Favorite Oberprocurator

May I recommend Konstantin Pobedonostev? He’s got some zingers, e.g. “the Parliamentary comedy is the supreme political lie which dominates our age.” Good stuff! (The one problem is that the page-turn-rate does not lend itself to a speed-read.) Another choice quote from the preface (written in 1898):

To those who insist upon asserting that the Russian views expressed in this volume belong to the dark Middle Ages, and have nothing in common with the ‘last word of civilization,’ I should like to say, ‘Strike, but hear.’ Mr. Pobyedonostseff, by his deep learning and lofty character, has secured for himself one of the highest positions in an Empire which even the blindest now begin to see is the dominating power in Europe and Asia.

Give it five years.


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