Posted by: Chris | September 20, 2010

The Conservative Case Against Gay Marriage

Ross Douthat presents one of the more convincing briefs against amending marriage laws and a useful companion  to Jon Rauch’s articles on the same.  The post is far better than the National Review’s recent crack at a high-minded approach to the topic and it’s had me at least reconsider some of my opinions.



  1. On reflection, it does seem sad to me that my bar for high-mindedness from NR consists of not resorting to either empty demogaugery or smirky too-clever-by-half argumentation.

    Here is Rauch’s take on their piece:

  2. […] detract from its value as a contingent social critique, and it’s worth bearing in mind when reading Ross Douthat. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Conservatism and SlaveryIs Radical Conservatism […]

  3. […] the United States and the consequences of the abandonment of the marriage ideal (see, for example, Ross Douthat’s post on gay marriage).  Coates argues that this statistic is misleading because the birth rate for unmarried black […]

  4. […] associated with the institution, which is exactly what opponents of same-sex marriage (or at least the smart ones) fear most.  It is ironic that so many attempts to avoid the imagined potential detriments of SSM […]

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