Posted by: captainfalcon | September 19, 2010

Orient #2: Touch my nerve, please!

Looks like the inaugural Our Townie – BJ’s allusive new column – has dismayed the rabble. Charlie Boyle, speaking as “a Mainer and resident of Waterville,” is “taken aback and personally offended” by the term “townie,” in which he finds “connotations of elitism and distance on the part of the college community.” He recommends Our Local, or, perhaps, Our Brunswick resident, as alternatives for the future. Barbarous suggestions, made more so by the fact that connotations can be canceled by context. (Nor does Boyle’s illiteracy commend the class for which he presumes to speak.)

In other news: townies seem to have been papering the stacks with Christian tracts again (as, flashback, students have done in the past); free, unlimited printing is of a bygone age; and Barry artfully stirs up the zealots.


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