Posted by: captainfalcon | September 17, 2010

What’s Mike Heath up to?

Talk of gay satans inspired me to segue over to Mike Heath’s ministry. Holy hell – the guy is down on his luck and about to go postal. After this maximally unconvincing renunciation of violence (all the more so because it has to be said):

Does this mean that I’m going to get out my 9mm Glock and go shoot an abortion doctor this week?  No, all such acts of violence, carried out as they are on the basis of private authority, are reprehensible.  No one has the authority to harm another, because such an act undermines the stability of society.  The same is true of abortion [emphasis added – are these really the best grounds?].

And a plea to send him money, he concludes with a startling analogy:

My ministry is called Helping Hands. Hands can be helpful in so many ways.  The grip of a pistol is shaped to fit the same human hand that tenderly cups the cheek of an innocent infant.

Heath has just been ordained. I’ll bet he gives a creepy sermon.


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