Posted by: captainfalcon | September 12, 2010

The Year’s Innaugural Orient

Highlights: the on-campus TD Bank ATMs are gone, an ’06er calls for the resignation of the Orient’s editors, and – finally something fresh – Natalia Richey exhorts the studentry to commence a dialogue about possibly transcending the “hook-up” culture. (Good show on the scare-quotes – way to ease us into the startling jargon.)  Otherwise, Bryant Johnson’s in there with some pointless (as in, it actually has no point) pabulum, and Benjamin Ziomek  proposes the Lincoln Action Party as a solution to politics as usual. (His piece is rummy, e.g. “The purpose of this thought exercise has been to demonstrate the pitfalls of trying to effect change in the American political system. Even today, when there is great distaste for both parties, forming a third one is nearly impossible…the point is that a third party is not an idealistic desire, but a very necessary one.” Got that?) Finally, looks like Nick’s got a nom de plume.



  1. And Dunkin Donuts on Maine Street is shutting down. Sad day for Bowdoin.

    • That place was awful. I will never know why you walked off campus to study someplace that had a) a semi-regular influx of customers and b) a blaring TV. Yet another skirmish in your perpetual war with rationality I guess.

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