Posted by: Chris | September 1, 2010

Bitterness and Destiny

Christopher Ryan responds to Megan McArdle by completely missing the point.  McArdle, etc. made two points, as I see it: a) there are obvious relevant differences between bonobos and humans outside of the sphere of sexual behavior that complicate Sex at Dawn‘s recommendations and b) science writers lean heavily on overworn anecdotes about bonobo chimps as if they were novel finds that completely overturn our thinking on human behavior.  Dr. Ryan refutes these points by quoting, at length, overworn anecdotes that demonstrate the similarity between human and bonobo sexual behavior.



  1. BTW, you catch wind of this:

  2. Wow, Harvard is really shaking out all the fabulists from its nest these days.

    Also, do you want me to make some version of CFIA an editor if you cannot remember to login properly?

  3. […] echoes the more sociological (as opposed to biological) criticisms posed, by myself and others, to Savage’s compatriots Drs. Jetha and Ryan about the efficacy of trying to recreate […]

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