Posted by: Chris | August 3, 2010

Links Awakening

The Lure mumbles in its slumber:

Ross Douthat skims the surface of how the most modern conservative thought, even when it acknowledges the shortcomings of the Bush administration, fails to substantively grapple with the current and coming problems facing our country.  David Frum comes to similar conclusions on a digression about the pointlessness of calling the Obama administration “socialist.”

Jim Manzi has an excerpt from his upcoming book (which everyone should read) on the limits of empirical knowledge in the social sciences and aptly rebuts Mark Kleiman’s inability to understand the point.

In other news, science bloggers are the  some of the most vapidly smug denizens of the internet (our forays into the genre likely included) and Chris found yet another interesting video game site.  They have a whole mess of articles and I think their “best” list is pretty good, despite being quite skewed toward a system I’ve never owned.


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