Posted by: captainfalcon | July 16, 2010

This … is BULL SHIT

[Final Update: Peter van Inwagen also deployed a battery of tests against it, which revealed additional oddities. (Based on my experience, a conservative estimate has him on the site for two, painstaking, hours. Can’t imagine that’s the sort of thing at which the twentieth century’s greatest defender of free will should want to be caught.]

Courtesy of Leiter, who you write like. Chris writes like Charles Dickens and David Foster Wallace. MM writes like James Fenimore Cooper and David Foster Wallace. I write like Kurt Vonnegut and David Foster Wallace. Perhaps we will all kill ourselves.

Other interesting results. The sentence “I write like the writer David Foster Wallace” sounds like James Joyce, but “I write like the writer Charles Dickens” is more JD Salinger. Meanwhile “Pen recommendation! May I recommend this pen?” is pure Lovecraft.

Finally, “I like strawberry flavored ice cream and peotomies” sounds like Chuck Palahniuk. I do not know who that is, but he’s fucked up. Raymond Chandler, who’s a chocolate guy, is a closer call.

Update: Chandler likes cookie dough! His stock is rising, which is bad news if he goes in for auto-peotomies. (Gulp. He does.)

Update 2: Everything heretofore [and also including this] sounds like Stephen King. Maybe there is something to this thing, after all.



  1. It pegged me as Dan Brown. I feel insulted now.

  2. Stephen King. Is that better or worse than Dan Brown?

  3. David Foster Wallace as well. Feeling much better now. Also, you guys should take a roadtrip up to Canada.

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