Posted by: Chris | July 13, 2010

The Maverick

This is article from New York Magazine is a great look at what John McCain has been up to since November 2008 and how the Faustian bargain he has made with the tea party right to extend his political life six more years has been faring.  Two interesting quotes:

People who have spent years with McCain say he has always been emotionally remote, virtually alone even while surrounded by staffers. When he calls his own mother, he announces, “Hi, Mother, this is John McCain.”


But if Worth the Fighting For, McCain’s 2002 book, is any guide, it’s easy enough to imagine what he might say after November should he win reelection. In that book, McCain admitted that in the 2000 presidential primary, he’d supported South Carolina’s right to fly the Confederate flag against his own belief that it was a symbol of racism.

“I didn’t want to do this,” he says. “But I could tell from the desperate looks of my staff that we had an enormous problem. And that it could come down to lying or losing. I chose lying.”



  1. Remember when you got played by Mark Salter in 2008? I’m laughing my fredhead off.

    Bitter, much?

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