Posted by: Chris | July 6, 2010

Something About Nothing, Ctd.

Lindsay Beyerstein has far better deconstruction of the mind-bogglingly stupid fooferah about prenatal anti-CAH treatment supposedly eradicating lesbians than I could muster.  Though it was very humorous to see Andrew truck out the breathless hyperbole (“the final solution”) only to pretend like he knew it was baseless all along when people pushed back, I can’t really blame any of the laymen writers who picked up the story.  The entire fault lies with the science writers who served as intermediaries between the primary literature and the mainstream media.  They knowingly and deliberately mischaracterized the treatment, the genetic disorder, and the papers published by Dr. New in order to stir up a sensationalist riot and lend false credence to an empirically suspect personal campaign.  They should be ashamed.



  1. […] leading to a sensationalist but erroneous conclusions.  The phenomenon is sadly not a new one.  Indeed, just last month, an over-excited NASA scientist gushing about Mars dust got the science […]

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