Posted by: i82much | June 30, 2010

Kindle drops to $189

This is for the Kindle 2, not the DX.  The DX is now (relatively and absolutely) completely overpriced, costing over 2.5 times more than the smaller version of the same device.

I see this as a direct response to the iPad’s release, as well as an indication that the next version of the Kindle will be out soon.  We’ll see.

Maroon – are you going to get one at that price?



  1. Would this not be superfluous considering MM has posted on this very site about his Nook ownership? This is not some random, half-assed blog like Unlike that cyberghetto, we actually have a .com in our url. You have to think before you post in these rarified parts.

  2. It’s been a little price war between B&N and Amazon driving that actually. B&N dropped the nook price to $199, so Amazon cut Kindle to $189. B&N responded by offering a nook with no 3G support (just WiFi) for $149.

    And since I already have a nook, I’m not really interested in picking up a second eReader.

  3. Good point. I forgot about your Nook. And I guess the price war between two book readers is probably more likely than iPad competition.

    Post fail.

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