Posted by: Chris | June 26, 2010

Each Its Own Reality

I really am at a loss at how Andrew reconciles these two posts (both posted yesterday) in his head.  Apparently, printing candid statements given in confidence about someone is good journalism, unless it harms someone Andrew Sullivan likes, then it’s a bastardization of the same.



  1. That is pretty interesting. An instance of doublethink perhaps?

  2. @Navigator: The posts are addressing two different things. One complains about the loss of a particular off-the-record venue; the other complains about a culture of deference to political figures (i.e. a culture of off-the-record elbow-rubbing with the powers that be). I don’t see the contradiction.

    If journalists were in the habit of not taking each other to task for how they operate – which they are not (you know journos – a bunch of bitchy little girls) – and Andrew still mourned the passing of JournoList, then your mockery would be on point.

    @Alas: If we grant that Chris has found a contradiction, his discovery equally supports a diagnosis of doublethink or cognitive dissonance.

    Cognitive dissonance is when your opinion shifts depending on context (you hate crabs when everyone around you likes them, and love them when that’s the minority position – contrarians tend to suffer from cognitive dissonance).

    Doublethink is when you hold, without being troubled by it, two contradictory opinions in the same context (you think that you have found a decisive, fatal indictment of the Republican Party, but know that it will survive – movement shills (really, actually do) engage in doublethink).

    One way to test whether an inconsistency is the product of cognitive dissonance or doublethink is to point it out. If the dude seems moved to revise his views then he’s probably suffering cognitive dissonance; if he seems basically untroubled then it’s likely doublethink.

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