Posted by: Chris | June 22, 2010

Pleiotropy and the Gays

More evidence in favor of my pet theory that homosexuality (and handedness and hair whorl direction) are all tied together as small, more readily noticeable chucks of a broader neurological orientation trait.  I think my sole semester of neurobiology effectively limits my ability to push things beyond hunch and tie all the bits and pieces together satisfactorily, but I think the linkages are sufficient to discount the direct adaptionist explanations for homosexuality (and lefties) and to back a model that explains them as simply errant phenotypic outcomes of a larger, broadly beneficial neurological phenomenon.



  1. […] our coverage of evo-devo and the gays, I want to highlight the recent inquiries into the use of prenatal […]

  2. […] know, the biological origins of homosexuality* (and the evolutionary accounting for the same) are a popular topic in these parts.  My preferred hypothesis is a mix of neurological genes and prenatal […]

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