Posted by: Chris | June 8, 2010

Another Perspective on Obama and the Spill

A couple days ago, Chris Beam posted an article that purported to look at the oil spill and general political context of the moment from the perspective of political science rather than political journalism, building off the CJR article CF linked to.  It reiterates basically the same truism about politics (most political outcomes are contigent on long-term structural factors not individual events or agents)* as if it were a revelation.  Since we all are aware of these things and have moved on to delving deeper, it probably is not worth reading, though it does do a good job poking holes through the mysticisms and innane jargon that political commentators have built up through the years.  Conor Friedersdorf, however, produced a much more satisfying take on Beam’s original idea, sending up academic tropes instead of giving them a hamhanded salute.

*Oh hey, honors thesis, didn’t see you there.


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