Posted by: maroonmaurader | June 5, 2010

Things anyone reasonable ought to agree with


“…there are certain things that only a President can do.  Unless he has some engineering expertise that he’s been keeping under wraps, there’s very little that Obama can do by staying in the countrry to focus on the spill.  On the other hand, Obama’s comparative advantage has been to help improve U.S. relations with the rest of the world.  Australia and Indonesia are vital supporter states, and yet this president has just given them the cold shoulder — for the second time, remember — in order to focus on domestic politics.”

Ultimately, I have to think Obama is choosing to stay in the country because it’s the best thing for the next election, rather than because it’s where his time can best be used to help the country as a whole.



  1. […] MM on the superstructure I agree with MM’s post, Obama’s decision to hang around the derricks has more to do with elections and political […]

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