Posted by: i82much | June 5, 2010

Project Natal LoLz.

First, I heard a coworker say yesterday that his wife hadn’t been interested in owning an Xbox 360 until she heard about Natal. Which is interesting, since that was the first time in my life I’ve heard someone not on a video game podcast or posting on this blog mention the existence of Natal.

Second, I saw this video which basically eradicated all desire I have to use this thing.

Maybe Chris can buy this and foist it upon people in the Wii hours of the morning as an alternative to Wario..



  1. Meh. Waiting on people to announce decent software. The block game was shown at last E3 and it looked sloppy and unfun. Though I did see the video via Joystiq and it certainly reinvigorated all desire I have for you to use this thing.

    Also, needs more buttslapping.

  2. […] the player to interact with the console.  Nick’s linked to video of it here on the Lure before, if you are interested.  The main new information, beside the name and new look, on the […]

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