Posted by: Chris | June 2, 2010

James O’Keefe Compensated by Federal Government, Doesn’t Like It

James O’Keefe III, the toolbox known for playing dress-up and pretending to engage in journalism, has a new “expose”, this time of alleged malfeasance at the Census Bureau.  I am not quite sure what he was hoping to obtain from filming a entry-level training session (maybe a passing mention of the FEMA death camps or the perhaps a revelation true aim of the Census: disenfranchisement of white people), but all he was able to snag was a non-story about him being paid for the full 8-hour training session, despite it only lasting 7-hours.  Not content to simply document this fraudulence, he confronted an escalating series of Census officials, who all responded just as one might expect, imperturbedly noting that a) it is quite negligible and b) the extra money covers the expected work one should do outside the training session.  I’ve embedded the typo-strewn video below, just so you can sample how ridiculous it is:

As everyone interviewed makes clear, the extra hours are built into the enumerators’ compensation.  They get paid for a set amount of training time and, if the training session goes quickly, the proto-counters will still receive the same amount, with the supplementary justification of compensating for any work done outside of the training session.  This sort of arrangement is not all that uncommon and hardly qualifies as fraud or whatever trumped-up charge the charlatans and BigGovernment are levelling.*  The only thing the narrator’s dark intonations prove is that James O’Keefe III has likely never held a real job before.

*Waste might be slightly more defensible.  However, that really comes down to “Are we paying Census workers too much for the talent and output we receive?”, a complicated question on the state of the labor market not quite pondered by the wannabe investigators.


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