Posted by: i82much | May 23, 2010

Video game logic

The shopkeeper in Armadillo is an anti-Semite. Was, that is, until I shot him. There’s more to the story.

There’s a good article on the Brainy Gamer about a particularly irksome convention in video games.  Anyone playing open world games (Oblivion, GTA, Fallout 3), etc., can probably relate.



  1. Morrowind doesn’t follow this convention. Everyone (including main-plot-critical characters) can be killed permanently… although the final boss is difficult to kill permanently and doing so actually completes the main quest line even if you skipped the rest. At least one person on the internet took that as a challenge and proceeded to depopulate the entire game of NPCs (all 1000+ of them).

    • Good point, maroonmaurader. My memory of Oblivion is fuzzy – did Oblivion let you kill people permanently, or would they respawn later?

  2. Nope, Oblivion strangely respawns everyone but a handful of minor quest-required (the super important ones just go unconcious) after a couple days. For example, I killed everyone in Hackdirt (in one of the few enjoyable organic moments Oblivion delivered) only to find them back in action and suprisingly pleasant when I returned.

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