Posted by: captainfalcon | May 21, 2010

Thought for the Day

From Alasdair MacIntyre:

We may take an impoverished view of the range of types of moral concepts or of moral statements, or we may distort our views of particular concepts by being parsimonious with our examples. When professing to study moral concepts as such or “the” language or morals, we may be merely studying one particular variation on possible moral themes, perhaps that which is dominant on our own social milieu. A second possible source of error is in the loss of insight into changes of meaning and transformations of concepts which can only be studied if we are prepared to give historical depth to philosophical inquiry. These two sources of error may result in our conferring necessity, inevitability, and universality which is in fact local in both time and place and to which there are alternatives. In doing this, philosophy may thus appear to guarantee one way of looking at the world by seeming to demonstrate its necessity; and this is the key role of inadequate philosophy in underpinning ideology.


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