Posted by: captainfalcon | May 20, 2010

Has Jonah been swallowed by the [Conservative Movement] fish?

I enjoyed this whole thing. It’s long, but if you watch it all the way through the early sense builds and builds (to, at least for me, a crypto-tremulous* crescendo) that it makes Frum’s point for him. It’s clear Goldberg doesn’t believe some of what comes out of his mouth. He’s a shill, and it’s because he has to be. (He back-peddles on commitments when Frum starts drawing implications from them about Limbaugh, Levin and others who, Frum says, set the boundaries of acceptable discourse within the Conservative Movement.)

I also like how Frum’s pleas to “continue the conversation,” their respective demeanors (Frum is serious, Goldberg is chatty and detached from the arguments he’s making) and even the lighting and backgrounds (Goldberg is well lit, Frum is wraith-like; Goldberg is in a grand-looking establishment, Frum’s in a comparatively dingy library, possibly his own) all reinforce that Frum is hurling himself against the entrenched power, and Goldberg is just casually shoring up a piece of the “ideological carapace which protects it against criticism and change” (Geuss).

* A-hem.


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