Posted by: Chris | May 11, 2010

Everything That’s Wrong with the Games Industry

Bioshock 2 is adding a golf-club-brawl multiplayer mode.



  1. I fail to see what’s wrong here. It’s clearly a reference to South Park, which I am all for! =)

  2. George, I am not quite sure which South Park episode you are referring to, but the preface to the video seems to me to indicate that it refers to a certain pivotal scene in the original game. Of course, the only part of that scene that our collective memory seems to remember is that somebody gets hit in the face with a golf club (awesome!!!!). The fact that what was once charged and thought-provoking (and perhaps a glimpse into the future of design) gets transformed into an asinine multiplayer mode one sequel and two-and-a-half years later is quite depressing.

  3. Ah, the Tiger Woods episode. I realized it while driving back from work today. There is a chance Parker & Stone midwifed the move, but the signs (the video preface, the “Kill’em Kindly” title, the look of the clubs) all point to it being Andrew Ryan’s bastard child. Which is to say, it is still quite shameful.

  4. I agree with Chris, I immediately thought of Bioshock 1 rather than a Tiger Woods’ reference.

    It is kind of gross.

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