Posted by: captainfalcon | May 4, 2010

The Excellence of Jonathan Rauch

Thanks to Chris’s link to a (pretty half-assed) post at The Economist, I remembered some of the other things Jonathan Rauch has written. Other than the article I linked below, he has an essay (plus sequel) on introverts that is superb, and a good overview – which I found via The Economist – of what happens when old people are dying. (It contains some fun facts about The Feminine Mystique, too.)



  1. Also see his articles on gay marriage, which I think are the most convincing around.

  2. I could find them, but will you post a link?

  3. I spent a good part of the day trying to hunt them down. Alas, I think the National Journal has them behind pay walls, I could not find the links in Andrew’s archive, and binging things only got me to his book on the subject. But, since you are interested, I will renew my search in lieu of finishing the post hinted at earlier.

  4. I apparently didn’t search hard enough. Three or so links away from a first page Bing result lead me to his website:

    There are tons and tons of articles there (some I forgot he authored, like Demosclerosis, which I think Laura assigned) which merit reading. Honestly, I could probably spend a day going through his archive.

  5. […] An interesting proposal, from a Lure fave. […]

  6. […] ones), they still have a corrosive effect on society.  Like most things, Jon Rauch (Lure hero) said it best in this Reason column: “The second crucial word is “polygyny.” […]

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