Posted by: George | April 28, 2010

Orwell continued

Captainfalcon was right to point out that advertising is relatively noninvasive. Everyone mistrusts it, so it can’t do much harm, but I thought that’s exactly why it serves as a good example. Even though everyone knows it’s lies, no one can prove it or cares to try. This is readily seen in other aspects of our lives, notably politics, but I try to stay away from those waters, so I had to pick an example from advertising. I will make as short an excursion as possible into the land of politics to give one more example.

In fact, I will kill two birds with one stone. Captainfalcon made the spot-on comment that, ironically, Orwell’s name and book are often used to push propaganda. That in itself is really perverse since the book takes a stance against misinformation and calling on emotions (two minutes hate) in order to make a point. Here’s a Democrat, calling on the power of Nineteen Eighty-Four to scare, with regard to the very same issue as the piece from Big Government!

Here are these two persons’ opposing views. One thinks the Dodd bill is good and the other that it is bad. I distrusted nearly every word I read in both captainfalcon’s article and my own, but what I did notice is that each journalist (I use the word grudgingly) says things about the bill that the other doesn’t address. I smell half-truths. Each is glossing over the facts that discredit their own views because their mission is to convert, not to deliberate.

I have so much to say against each article’s manipulative constructs, but I don’t want to address more than one issue at a time. At this stage, it’s enough to point out that logic dictates that at least one of these views must be wrong, but they will continue to coexist.



  1. That, in your second paragraph, is a great find.

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