Posted by: captainfalcon | April 26, 2010


An explanation why international law probably does not allow the Pope to be prosecuted (in other states or in international tribunals) for whatever he did vis-a-vis child sex abuse. It contains a fun fact of which I was unaware: “for political reasons the UN accepted as members even some entities which were NOT states, such as Soviet Ukraine.”

Update: From this post, “campaigners and lawyers say they will seek an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court  on charges of crimes against humanity. The leaders of this campaign are eminent people and include Richard Dawkins, the well known Oxford Professor and, shall we say, atheist campaigner, Christopher Hitchens, another promiment atheist author.” It is pretty clear that Dawkins and Hitchens are leading the campaign in order to ding an organized religion, not in order to help victims of sexual abuse (though that’s no doubt a nice side-effect). When your reaction to the news that institution x is riddled with rapists is Great. I’ve long disagreed vehemently with x. Now I have an extra means to bring it down! then you are not a good person.



  1. I agree whole-heartedly re: the motivations of Hitchens/Dawkins etc, though, in fairness, Dawkins denies some aspects of the story:

  2. Dawkins’s denial – which doesn’t contradict anything in this post – is noteworthy only insofar as it provides more evidence that he’s an unreflective douche who likes to smell his own feces.

  3. International law? The entire thing is just a scheme cooked up by, and for, the enlightened liberal Western elite to massage their own perceptions of what is right and wrong – which has led people to believe in “universal” human rights. On the other hand, the Pope needs to be skewered for his (in)actions, and perhaps it does not matter under pretense this is implemented

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