Posted by: Chris | April 11, 2010

Physicists Know Nothing

The author of this study seems to think that his results flatter physicists, as being able to disconfirm one’s hypotheses is a sign of a rigorous discipline.  Since physicists do this most often, this makes physics (and JJ) the hardest.  However, it strikes me that similar results could be obtained if one postulated that physicists’ hypotheses are more likely than others’ to be wrong, because they do not actually understand, say, the cosmos as well as a biologist understands an ecosystem.  However, this interpretation would imply that art therapists and economists are the most likely to produce true hypotheses, which good sense prohibits me to concede.  Perhaps the best explanation is that physicists are grasping at straws and the art therapists are just confirming their own biases, leaving the only discipline both hard and knowledgable the biological sciences.  Or did I just meta the shit out of everyone?


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